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Dr. Rosie Steeves, President

Executive Works is the brainchild of Dr. Rosie Steeves, a known powerhouse in executive development. Prior to creating Executive Works, Rosie was co-founder and principal of The Refinery, a leadership development and organizational performance firm in Vancouver, Canada. With 35 years of experience in the leadership development field, she has helped Fortune 500 companies pursue aggressive growth strategies, small firms overcome start-up challenges, and everything in between.

Since 2002 Rosie has written a monthly column for Business in Vancouver, and is a frequent contributor to numerous other publications. She is also regularly sought out as a leadership expert by members of the media. Passionate about helping those who significantly impact so many across an organization, Rosie wrote Breaking the Leadership Mold: An Executive’s Guide to Achieving Organizational Excellence, published by Jossey Bass and now available for purchase.

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Executive Works draws from a select network of leadership experts to deliver the precise development work our clients need. Initially, you’ll work directly with Rosie as she gets to know you and your organization. Then a team of associates will be chosen based on your unique goals, culture and development path. From coaches and facilitators to business analysts and systems specialists, you’ll only work with people whose experience, judgment and commitment reflect the core values and rigorous standards of Rosie and Executive Works.

A Lifetime of Leadership
Dr. Rosie Steeves
Dr. Rosie Steeves, President
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